Contact us at musicology@aestheticsounds.com for bespoke shows, corporate entertainment and musicology events.


Virtuoso Package: Virtuoso': A brilliant, skilful performer....

Calling all agents, record labels and the like.This package is for established artists who perform in the UK.


Fanfare Package: 'Fanfare': A prelude or an opening...

This service is for established, newly signed and premier unsigned artists.


Tutti Package 'Tutti': A direction for the entire ensemble to play simultaneously

This service is for companies and organisations who require entertainment for their functions.



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Aesthetic Sounds™ (est. 2005) is an innovative music organisation that hosts concerts, musicology events and exhibitions for established and unsigned music artists, musicians, fashion designers and artists.


Although having several focuses, the Aesthetic Sounds live music nights by far are the most well known and popular live soul music event in the UK.


The clientele is a hybrid of music industry professionals, well known acts, other aspiring artists as well as soul music lovers. Drawing on this unique mix of clientele, Aesthetic Sounds prides itself on showcasing international artists, who in turn bring together soul music lovers from across the globe.